10. How to Calm Down

Dec 08, 2021

Many of us want to calm down when we feel unpleasant emotions but our approach often makes it worse. How to calm down by allowing the UNcalm first and working through it in a more healthy way. A way that helps with stopping porn (or other addiction-like behaviors), with your relationship with yourself and relationships with others, including marriage. A quote from the life coach of a kung fu master. Some practical techniques discussed. But if we only focus on actions to take then we miss out on sustainable long term results. How life coaching can help you address your emotions from the inside out rather than getting stuck on the outside in. How to increase your awareness and rewire your brain by tapping into the present moment. Let it be a process as you seek improvement in your relationship with anxiety, depression, fear, shame, lack of confidence, hopelessness, and any other emotions that are difficult for you right now.

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