Do you love helping people? 

Do you want to learn how to turn your passions and gifts into a career?





Do you love helping people but haven't figured out a way to make it your life's work? 






Are you:

The first person people call when they're going through something difficult? 

Someone who finds joy in helping others, but never knew how to turn it into a career?

That person that everybody seems to confide in and share their deepest parts to because they know they're safe with you? You are honored, yet you want to learn more ways to support them and not do any harm in the process?


Or maybe you’re here because: 

→ You love helping people—it feels like part of who you are. Growing up, you thought this would be a possibility only if you became a therapist or psychiatrist. Times have changed!

→ You don’t currently work, or perhaps you do, but you don’t feel satisfied. As a CPA turned life coach turned CEO, it is absolutely possible to have a career that is energizing and fulfilling.   

→ You know in your bones you’re meant for something more in this world, you just can’t put your finger on it yet. This training will support you in providing clarity around what it is you love to do, and are meant to do.  

→ You have a deep desire to build a career that works around your life, not the other way around. This training will support a flexible career where you can prioritize your life around what matters to you.

Why A Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification? 


Look, I get it. I've seen it. There are a lot of coach certifications out there, but in order to have the impact we want to have in our careers as coaches, we need to know how to befriend our bodies, not master them. 

This is the key to living a free, joyful, soul-led life, and as a coach with these tools you'll have happier, more satisfied clients. You'll feel more fulfilled than you've ever felt.

→ You will be Confident in your ability to coach anyone on anything because of learning Trauma-Informed Mindset, but you'll also understand how to present and include context to meet your client's where they're at. You'll know how to handle a session if a client has a trauma response. 

 → You'll be comfortable with other people's emotions, because you know how to hold space for yours and minimize countertransference. You'll also receive training and observation hours in the Art of Processing so that you can support your clients and teach them how to connect to themselves--as it makes sense--with a Trauma-Informed lens. This matters.

→  The body is not meant to be compartmentalized! My methods demonstrate the connection between all parts of yourself. Primarily, your brain, intuition, body intelligence, and nervous system so that you can start understanding it at an entirely new level. This heals!

“I knew I wanted more tools to help my clients work through their trauma as it comes up in coaching."

I personally think anyone in the health and healing world should be trauma certified! The course brings together the psychological education background and experience I already had and blends it with coaching skills and knowledge that are newer to me. Such a win win for me!

I feel so much safer and more secure in sessions when stuff comes up with my clients. Before, I would sometimes pause and wonder if I dare say anything that might possibly sound clinical when I'm not really trying to be someone's therapist. Now I feel at ease, and I have tools to help others! Being able to first learn and process with myself and my own trauma has been a valuable learning experience for me!

(Should you join the program?) DO IT!!! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Everyone needs this training, not even coaches. Your work with yourself and your clients will go deeper and be more meaningful.

- Angela Watkins


Meet Your Facilitator 

A Note From Lindsay Poelman

Hi there! I'm Lindsay, your facilitator, your teacher, your trainor, your guide, your coach--or whatever resonates best. 

Over the last five years of deep dive/fundamental coaching for women and men experiencing betrayal (around porn use, spouses coming out around gender identity and sexuality, childhood neglect and abuse, substance abuse, infidelity, emotional abuse, domestic violence, institutional trauma, and more.), I concluded and observed that:

If you’re working with humans, you can’t handpick clients who don’t carry trauma. 

I learned this via other coaches coming to me for support, because they "knew I did things a little differently." Many of these people were using mindset tools against themselves. They were using mindset tools to override their nervous system; the needs of their body, and more. And even then, they were blaming themselves for not being able to "get it right" or "thinking better thoughts" like other people they knew. 

But here's the thing: Their thoughts were SO MUCH MORE than "just thoughts!Their body's were getting it right based on their intelligent survival systems. These people just needed more context, education, Trauma-Informed Mindset and processing tools to develop a connected, befriended relationship with their body

This is why my Trauma-Informed Certification Program is SO important. It's paramount. It's Essential. 

My Trauma-Informed approach to mindset takes into account the nuanced reality of what it is to be a human.   

Come and see what I mean in this program. I can't wait to work with you. I am thrilled to go on this journey with you!

What if you could:

Have an easy-to-digest model to use personally, and teach your future clients so that they can more readily and easily understand human behavior from a place of love and compassion (all while setting healthy boundaries when necessary)?

Have an easy-to-teach model to use with clients that is representative of the human body as a whole?

Humans need a model that doesn’t end up causing them to override their nervous systems in the name of short-term successes. We need robust solutions. We’re not here to master our Bodies. We are here to Befriend our Body, not Master it. This is key to living a free, joyful, Soul-Led life.

Have a career that works around you—not the other way around—so that you can live the life of your dreams, sustainably and beautifully.

Feel safer in your body as you use these tools to support yourself while you learn them?

It's all yours in my Trauma-Informed Life Coach Certification!

This 10-month program will help you start your coaching career with the essential footing necessary to support yourself; meet your clients where they're at; and bring them faster, desired resultsSustainably.

“I started coaching with Lindsay because her calm, loving manner drew me in.

I knew she could handle with love and grace anything I told her. came to her having done a lot of personal growth, but wanting to go deeper on some lingering painful thought patterns that I couldn't quite shake. I am so glad I made that choice, and have re-signed with her because I love the work we do together. She is very wise, but never preachy about her wisdom. She puts the client in the seat as the expert in their own lives, and she facilitates (with great skill) the client's ability to find their own answers. Although I know Lindsay can coach on anything, I would recommend her to anyone who wants a safe place to heal from relationship pain, especially if that relationship is the one with yourself. I am so grateful to myself for taking that leap and working with Lindsay. She has helped me unlock so deep hurts, and let them go. I love her!"

- Andrea Giles

“Working with Lindsay to become trauma-informed was the best decision.

I have more tools and knowledge to support my clients in their personal growth, which is so important to me.  I feel more confident than ever that I will know exactly what my clients need every step of the way.   As a Master-Certified coach and instructor, I've got a lot of advanced trainings under my belt, but what Lindsay teaches in this program was missing for me. I'm grateful for the safe space Lindsay provides, and her intuitive gifts that supported me through this program.  She has helped me tremendously at a personal level in my own life and relationships, and also in the business challenges I've been working to overcome too.  Thank you for making me a better coach Lindsay!  I'm so grateful that I get to continue to spread this important work as I serve my own clients.”

- Molly Claire


Sara Brewer

Advanced Trauma-Informed Alumni Testimonial


Walk away with:

  • A certification as a Trauma-Informed Coach
  • A person who has fully embraced their passion of helping people and helping themselves, all while turning it into a fulfilling career. 
  • A connection to a forever community of Trauma-Informed Coaches, Healers, and Practitioners. 
  • A permanent and continued healing shift with your stickiest, ickiets, toughest relationship (this can be a person, place, thing, institution, money, experience, etc). 
  • The foundation necessary to really understand you, your unique Spiritual gifts to play around with, develop out, and learn from.
  • A more freed spirit and soul, living your life more presently and connected to self than ever.
  • Safety knowing that you radically accept who you are on a deeper level and when ready, a willingness to let the world see that True Essence of yours that we're all dying to see. 
  • Feeling seen, heard, validated, celebrated for you you are, right NOW. For existing. 
  • A nervous system more attuned to robustness and safety, so that you can operate and live from the calls of your Intuition.
  • So much less judgment, shame, and fear around past/present behaviors. 

Program Timeline

Next round begins May 21, 2024.

Instructional Calls will be held Tuesdays.

Monthly group processing calls will be on Thursdays.

[July will have less calls as it's summer for most/all].

Imagine being CERTIFIED by DECEMBER 2024!!!! 

Got Q's? Email [email protected]

Early Bird Program Investment


Price goes up to $10,000 after April 21st!


 Payment plans available.


Pay in Full


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Five Payments of


$9,500 total


Eight Payments of


$10,000 total


Jen Lee

Advanced Trauma-Informed Alumni Testimonial


This is something that no other foundational program teaches or blends, in this specific way. 


In this new certification program, we approach and live into a healing energy that will literally create a New Earth.

I will teach you how to create a level of safety within your body that will forever shift your well-being, which in turn will shift the entire collective consciousness.



"Grow your confidence by knowing that you can coach any client on anything, at a deeper level than ever!"


A little more about Lindsay:

My journey of intentional healing started when I learned that my husband had been lying to me about pornography use for a greater part of our marriage. When he told me, I had just had my third child. With what I had been taught to think about pornography, what it does to families, this was devastating and traumatic. Within a week, my husband stopped working as a dentist due to panic attacks, debilitating anxiety, and depression that suddenly came to a head. He had become non-functioning in a matter of days. What ensued from there was both of us courageously (and humanly) seeking out the best professional help we could find. While I was recovering from my own betrayal trauma; I was learning to support a spouse with suicidal thoughts, paralyzing shame, trauma around childhood sexual abuse, and his own PTSD due to betrayal.

After processing and accepting my circumstance more fully, I found coaching—which propelled me into a forward-focused state of empowerment. At the time there weren’t a lot of resources for people like me (and I would have killed to have a guide like me), so I became a coach. 

I wanted to provide the healing tools to those so they wouldn't have to suffer unnecessarily. This work evolved, evolved, and evolved into me finally putting together an Advanced Relationship Trauma Certification with a trauma therapist. What I'm seeing now is the need for people's mindset training to be trauma-informed from the start. So that they don't have to unwind and unlearn mindset tools anymore. We want to have a supportive foundational trauma-informed approach to mindset training so that everything else can build upon that. 

This is why I feel so compelled to train coaches, so they don't have to re-train themselves after paying money for certifications where the basic mindset tools taught simply aren't enough. Where the tools taught are done so with inclusive qualifiers, where individuation is normalized, and safety is paramount. This is the environment that needs to be present for people to learn, for people to heal--and I am thrilled to be able to provide a training to support you in developing your unique craft of coaching. 

As the world continues to evolve, people need more than basic mindset to get the results they want. People need new approaches to heal and break generational chains. This program is one of many bridges into a new world of coaching. A new way of existing. More love, more peace, more feeling, more "aliveness," more healing, more Being, more connecting, more soul-led living, and more. 


Jill Freestone

Anxiety & Emotion Coach,

Advanced Trauma-Informed Alumni Testimonial


"Unleash your deepest gifts and move forward to create the coaching practice of your dreams."

Seriously Interested but want to talk first?





What you will learn:


→ How to have a Trauma-Informed Mindset—yes, this matters! So many coaches don’t understand how much the body informs our thoughts. They then mistakenly become more of a “thought detective” than a guide. This affects the energy of coaching sessions and the possibility for healing to occur. . I show you how to change this narrative for yourself, and for your clients!

→ How to distinguish between triggers and calls of your intuition.

→ How to develop the necessary safety in your body to be able to listen to and develop your unique, intuitive gifts.

→ Know how to support sustainable healing by consistently facilitating environments of safety, choice, and empowerment.

→ Know the context of trauma, backwards and forwards.

→ Know how trauma affects your WHOLE body.

→ The basics of trauma and its impact on our mental state.

→ How to coach someone carrying trauma.

→ How to know when to refer clients to outside sources–and see that this is perfectly normal and ok.

→ Proven techniques to assist clients with processing emotions that go deeper than your average coach training.

→ How to coach clients experiencing trauma from complex relationships. Having context for the multi-layered reality of these relationships is real, which goes farther than ‘picking a thought that’s the problem.’ It’s essentially so much more.

→ How to create a space for healing and processing with your client.

→ When to use thought work versus other healing modalities with a client.

→ The importance of nervous system regulation techniques, and how to facilitate these in sessions with clients.

→ Understanding brain and behavior patterns without judgment and shame.

→ How to help your client create dissonance necessary for shifting and reframing traumatic memories.



The trajectory of learning never stops and is always evolving. The skills gained will forever change the way you treat yourself, show up in relationships, the way you coach, and your clients’ healing processes.



Elizabeth Langston

The Postpartum Coach 

Advanced Trauma-Informed Alumni Testimonial


This comes with an understanding of:


→ Trauma-Informed Mindset work.

→ Your Body, It’s Cues, How it speaks to you specifically, and how to interpret correctly.

→ The Multifaceted languages of your Intutition and it’s calls.

→ Your Nervous System and its unique mapping.

→ What healing and growth really look like.

And let’s be honest. Context MATTERS. Having a contextual understanding of the world we live in will not only help you with your healing, but will enable you to serve your clients to the highest degree. With that, it becomes Essential to Understand the Context and Language of: 

→ Patriarchy,

→ Feminism,

→ Emotional, Physical, Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence,

→ Religious Conditioning,

→ Socialization and Societal Conditioning

→ Mental illness, Well-Being, Toxic Positivity, and so much more.

While these aren’t the main focuses of the course, they are important layers that will give you an essential foundation for your coaching. The more they are honored and understood, the deeper we can move into being trauma-informed. With this knowledge and unique Knowing of how to create safety in your Body, you’ll be set up energetically to go beyond where most coaches are able to go.


If you can relate to any of these, becoming a Trauma-Informed Coach is for you. 

This certification will energetically elevate your own personal levels of consciousness for a new world. Spirituality, healing, revolution, and new age theory will lay the groundwork for you recognize your unique gifts and modalities of healing, which will in turn help others to truly heal–sustainably.


One by one we will heal

The world needs you—your gifts, your talents, your individual energy and light. Only when you learn how to feel safe within yourself will you be able to show others how to do the same, and I know how to get you there. The only way to liberate the world is to liberate ourselves, and we do that by healing our own consciousness first. By learning how to feel safe enough to connect to our Self Energy. This is the wave of hope: connection, support, and help for one another. This collective effort will dig in deeper than ever before and be the beginning of healing that this world needs.