Advanced Relationship

Trauma Certification 

for Coaches

A 6 month program to help coaches deepen
their coaching skill set around trauma and accelerate client results;
all while working through any trauma specific to your most painful relationship.  


As coaches you may feel inclined to avoid any talk of "trauma" with your clients, but what is the energy behind this behavior coming from? Love? Safety? Fear? Something else?

Here's the thing coach: Even if you wanted to hand-pick clients who don't carry trauma, I don't think that is possible.

Trauma is part of the human experience.

The more we can normalize that word, the less you'll get triggered on your calls, so that you can serve your clients from a more grounded place

I can help you. 

Are you a coach who is afraid to approach trauma on your calls? 

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

→ Can I say this word on a call? 

→ Why aren't they making progress? Why aren't we seeing results? 

→ Why are they so attached to that thought or story? 

→ Where is the line between coaching and therapy, and how do I know when to refer them out? 

→ What do I do if they get incredibly emotional during a coaching session? 

These questions could potentially be related to your client experiencing some sort of trauma; whether that’s a big event from childhood, or something recent in their adult life. If you are afraid to say, approach, or even touch on the word “trauma,” this program is for you.


This is how it could be showing up in your coaching:

→ You aren't saying what your client needs to hear because you are afraid of triggering something.

→ They could be coming off as aloof, annoyed, difficult, or inconsistent on calls. You may not see why, while they may be feeling misunderstood or unheard.

→ You find yourself bending over backwards to 'please' them or help them, to no avail.

→ They're not making progress and keep circling around the exact same issue and you can't seem to get a workaround even with your best coach brain and incredible tools. 

→ Your client isn't opening up on calls. 

Strengthen your skills.

The wait is over.

Imagine Feeling:


 Confident in your ability to coach anyone on anything because of your new knowledge and understanding of trauma. You will have the necessary skills to be able to handle a session when a client has a trauma response.

→ Incredibly comfortable doing your own deep processing, which will in turn make you better able to help your clients with their own connection. This Matters.

→ Gratitude for the knowledge you have around the human body and its ability to heal.

→ Self-assured in how you can support your clients in their healing from trauma.

 → Decisive and capable of having your own back; and a grounded calm knowing when it makes sense to reach out for your own support.

→ More ease in your coaching, because you no longer have difficult clients. You know  when it makes perfect sense to work with them, and you know when it's best to refer out. 

→ In awe of the longer lasting relationships you now have with clients because you are seeing them in a way that they have perhaps never been seen.   

→ A deeper, more all-encompassing awareness for yourself as a human, and what that gets to mean for your clients. 




What you will learn:


→ Know trauma, backwards and forwards

→ Know how trauma affects your body

→ The basics of trauma and its impact on our mental state

→ How to coach someone with trauma

→ How to know when to refer to an outside source

→ Proven techniques to assist clients with trauma processing

→ How to coach clients experiencing trauma from complex relationships

→ How to create a space for healing and processing with your client 

→ When to use thought work with a client, and when to use modalities

→ Understanding trauma in the brain

→ How to help your client create dissonance necessary for shifting and reframing traumatic memories

This is just the beginning.

The learning never stops. The skills gained will forever change the way you treat yourself, the way you coach, as well as your clients’ healing processes.


RTC Testimonial

Molly Claire

What it entails:


This is a 6 month program that helps you DEEPEN your coaching skillset to bring your clients deeper, more sustainable results

(and oftentimes, quicker because when you get the body involved, it cuts out the need for everything to be some form of thought work).


The first 4 months will include: 

→ 15 Interactive Teaching calls with Lindsay. All calls will be recorded. 

→ 10 Application/Processing calls with Lindsay (and a few guest experts) where you will experience and observe deep processing with respect to your "One Big Relationship" using varied modalities as appropriate. These calls will not be recorded. It will be a SAFE ZONE

→ Many Bonus pre-recorded modules provided by Lindsay and Kathy Kinghorn


The next 8 weeks: 

→ Peer coaching commences, where group members practice using trauma tools and models taught in their coaching calls.

 → On your own schedule so you can work around your other commitments. 

→ Continued community support and workshop access.

→ 4 Somatic Integration Calls: Option to participate with group in Somatic Practices. Practices will be done on your own, with discussions taking place in group framework.   

→ Option for calls to be submitted to Lindsay for review. 


→ Wrap up peer coaching with final group call.

→ Certification process wraps up and certificate/logos sent.

→ Continued workshop access (~6 workshops/year).

→ Quarterly follow-up group calls for 1 year.

→ Continued community access.


3 One on one calls with Lindsay to use throughout program and/or through May 2024. 

Continued portal access to current and updated workbooks.

→ Access to any retreats Lindsay holds for Trauma- Informed Coach Certification Clients (these are often international). 

→ Optional: Get expert feedback on submitted coaching sessions.

Relationships are complex, and so is working through trauma from various relational circumstances.

We’re simplifying it.

What you will get:


→ Weekly instructional calls with Lindsay Poelman. 

→ Access to my Trauma Resource Portal, including ongoing additions. You will have continued access after the program so you can stay relevant.

→ All clients go through a certification process overseen by Lindsay & Kathy Kinghorn, with 16 years of combined trauma experience. 

→ A safe, private community with other like-minded coaches who are as committed to serving their clients as you.

→ After the program: Access to ongoing workshops with professionals in the cutting edge of their field and the RTC Alumni Community! 


Program Timeline

Next round starts Late September/Early October, 2024.

Instructional Calls will be held Thursdays.

Small group processing calls will likely be on Tuesdays at the same time. 


Program Investment


See APRIL EARLY EARLY BIRD payment options below. 

Prices increase May 1st.

I'm ready!



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Three monthly payments of $1,900.

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Six monthly payments of $1,000.

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Are you a Multi-Six Figure Entrepreneur who wants this training either 1) individually or 2) with your cohort of colleagues? 

Email me directly ([email protected]) or book a consult by clicking here.


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Sara Brewer


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Jill Freestone,
Anxiety & Emotion Coach


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Elizabeth Langston,
The Postpartum Coach


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Jen Lee

Hear from more of my amazing clients!

"Grow your confidence by knowing that you can coach any client on anything, at a deeper level than ever!"

I’m in!

Still have questions? Schedule a call with me and to discuss your goals in becoming a Trauma-Informed coach. 

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Meet Your Facilitator

Lindsay Poelman


My journey of intentional healing started when I learned that my husband had been lying to me about pornography use for a greater part of our marriage. I had just had my third child when he told me. With what I had been taught to think about pornography, what it does to families, this was devastating and traumatic. Within a week, my husband stopped working as a dentist due to panic attacks, debilitating anxiety, and depression that suddenly came to a head. He had become non-functioning in a matter of days. What ensued from there was both of us courageously (and humanly) seeking out the best professional help we could find. While I was recovering from my own betrayal trauma; I was learning to support a spouse with suicidal thoughts, paralyzing shame, trauma around childhood sexual abuse, and his own PTSD due to betrayal.

After processing and accepting my circumstance more fully, I found coaching—which propelled me into a forward focused state of empowerment. At the time there weren’t a lot of resources for people like me (and I would have killed to have a guide like me), so I became a coach. 

Over the last four years of deep dive/fundamental coaching for women in betrayal (around porn use, spouses coming out around gender identity and sexuality, childhood neglect and abuse, substance abuse, infidelity, emotional abuse, domestic violence, institutional trauma, and more.), I have observed that if you’re working with humans, you can’t handpick clients who don’t carry trauma. 

This is why I have developed a Trauma-Informed approach to mindset work and relationships that take into account the nuance of being a human.  


Understanding Trauma is Essential.


Because you can't handpick clients with 0 trauma, understanding trauma is essential to creating a healing and growth environment for your clientele. It is a basic need for every human to receive care from professionals who are trauma-informed. 

I believe wholeheartedly that there is so much WE CAN DO to support people who may be experiencing trauma. There is a responsible way to do this, and I cannot wait to show it to you in my program.  

This is why I bring various colleagues and experts on board as well to teach and share their brilliance as well. This will happen during workshops, with pre-recorded videos, and during the program on an as-needed basis. Me, and the experts I bring in, see the value of the hybrid work that some view as coaching, some view as therapy, we see as both.

Kathy Kinghorn

LCSW, CSAT Supervisor


Through Kathy’s 12 years of experience as a therapist, she saw the need for all humans to have witnesses to their stories—for everyone to have a safe place to learn how to heal from life’s challenges. This eventually led her to work with healing clients from physical addictions and betrayal trauma. Now, an expert in her field, she spends most of her time training other therapists. A constant learner, she avidly studies and integrates advances with neuroscience to develop her understanding of the human brain.

The arena of her focus brings up complex relational issues, including relational wounds for addicts, and for those betrayed. Setting up a healing environment for people to heal themselves and repair relationships requires experience, intuition, and willingness to learn.

Lindsay and Kathy see the power of coach and therapist collaboration and know that creating a bridge to support individuals healing from relationship trauma can change the entire trajectory of a client’s healing process. We recognize the importance and beauty of coaches and therapists understanding their roles—what they can do—in supporting clients with trauma.

This program provides pre-recorded modules and calls that Kathy has recorded that include attachment trauma, developmental trauma, Internal Family Systems, and more. 

What you need to know about trauma:


We are relational beings, and almost everything we experience in life has to do with relationships. Uninformed people tend to think that trauma only matters if it’s a big life event, either stemming from childhood or one altering event in adulthood. It is my mission to educate humans in this arena so we can stop being reductionistic, and responsibly learn the meaning and differences behind Big Traumas and Little Traumas.

Both matter.

A lot of trauma that humans experience, especially “Little T” trauma, is from the receiving end of another human. This can add complexity to true healing as humans navigate how to hold nuance for relationships while self-validating. I will show you how to create this space for your clients.

By the end of this certification, you will understand as a coach what you need to know to support your clients, with the added bonus of how to apply this in relationships.

What if you have Trauma?


This isn’t a problem. Most, if not all of us, are carrying trauma because we’re human. During the program you’ll have the option to bring your “ONE BIG R” (relationship) to the table to heal from. Every teaching call we have will include application questions and ideas for you to consider as you navigate your “ONE BIG R.”

You’ll have me, yourself, and a team of other loving coaches to support you here. Your “ONE BIG R” doesn’t have to feel ‘traumatic’ in order for you to bring it to the table. The tools we teach will make a difference either way. 

Psst! Your “ONE BIG R” doesn’t have to be another human.

It can be about anything you have a ‘sticky’ relationship with: People, Money, Religious Institutions, Organizations, Specific Experiences, Yourself, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are in a space where you  consider yourself to be non-functioning, this program may not be for you, yet. Sometimes it can still be a fit if you are getting outside, 1:1 conjunctive support from a specialized therapist and/or doctor. If you aren't sure what this means, you can book an assessment call with me here for more clarity. 

As a coach I will show you:


→ How much you CAN do to serve clients experiencing trauma.

→ How to do deep processing work with your clients.

→ How to create an environment of safety that allows for all healing.

→ How to use your own intuition to guide you, knowing when to use the model with your clients, or when to go a different route.

→ How to teach your client to more deeply trust their intuition to accelerate their healing.

After the program:


→ You will be trauma-informed. You will be more confident in your coaching, your message, your unique gifts as a coach to offer this world.

→ You will be more connected to yourself and in-tune with your client needs.

→ You'll now have a SAFE community of like-minded coaches with similar visions as you.

→ You will receive a certificate with a logo for you to add to your coaching materials.

→ You will retain LIFETIME access to the landing page with teaching videos that are continually added to and updated.

→ You’ll walk away with an easy-reference workbook to use in your program with your clientele. We are constantly learning more and more about the brain, which means when our workbook updates, so will yours.

"Unleash your deepest gifts and move forward to create the coaching practice of your dreams."