12. Why Should She Get Help?

life coaching marriage pornography Dec 08, 2021

“Why should I get help when he’s the one with the problem!” Only you know if you need help from a coach or not. But if you are wanting something from your life, and you are not getting there (maybe you’re even stuck!), you may want to consider hiring a coach for yourself. Join certified life coaches Danny and Lindsay Poelman as they discuss examples of problems the spouse of the one looking at porn might come to us with. Lindsay shares her personal experience of going from victim and disempowered to empowered and totally boss! Benefits such as better physical health, more present with kids, better overall enjoyment of life, and even showing up better in marriage and other relationships. Sometimes the best way we can help those we love most is by getting help for ourselves and taking care of ourselves. This seems counterintuitive to some at first. Join us as we discuss why and how this process works.

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