14. Want Awareness

intention want Dec 09, 2021

Many of us don’t take the time to tap into what it is that we want in life. Maybe we avoid it because: we think we won’t get it, think we shouldn’t want it (judge ourselves), think we’ll get our hopes up and they’ll be dashed, think others wants are more important than our own, think there’s not enough of the thing we want to get some for us, think there is not enough time/energy/money to get it. Maybe we just don’t know how to want. Life coaches Danny and Lindsay Poelman have a discussion of why it is important to learn how to want intentionally, with a hefty dose of awareness. How it can be life changing. And how it relates to pornography, urges, marriage, and personal development. Giving yourself space to want can help you:

1. Live in your zone of genius
2. Live the life you are meant to live
3. Act with more power than ever before

How to start doing this? Listen to find out.