17. Being Home Together: Problem or Opportunity?

marriage quarantine Dec 09, 2021

Do you have problems from being quarantined? Or have you just been quarantining your problems? Get a little insight into why things might not be as pretty as you’d hoped they’d be while you are all quarantined at home together.

Listen today for:

  • Some helpful tips.
  • A guide on how to stay sane during this time, and really any time.

Because the reality is, you can have anxiety/stress provoking thoughts and feelings at any time, COVID-19 or not, quarantined or not. Likewise, you can show yourself some love by owning what you can control, empowering yourself, and showing up the way you want to. Now is the best time to do this. Have tons of urges to look at pornography? Take this as an opportunity to find out why. Don’t love the dynamic between you and your spouse while both at home with the kids? Don’t miss out on the valuable information there. Take care of yourself so you can better take care of others.

Lindsay and Danny Poelman are certified life coaches and are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Danny helps guys stop looking at porn. Lindsay helps women drop the fantasy marriage that doesn’t exist and create a dream marriage with reality.

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