36. Special Snowflake Syndrome

Dec 11, 2021

You are unique. You are one of a kind. Nobody is arguing with that. But it’s possible to take this mentality to an unhelpful level. To a level that:

  • halts your ability to change
  • prevents growth
  • shoots yourself in the foot 

It’s called Special Snowflake Syndrome. Signs you might be doing this would be if you are thinking:

  • That works for other people but not for me.
  • I’m extra broken.
  • I always have compassion for others in these scenarios, but not for me.
  • My situation is just different because______.
  • I should know better.
  • Other people just don’t understand. 

Basically, special snowflake syndrome is creating an excuse for why something is impossible for you and then believing it, as though it’s a fact. We talk about why do this. 3 elements of Special Syndrome: 1. Victim mentality. (Impossible) 2. Wanting to believe that something is particularly special, hard, and difficult about our lives. 3. A way to isolate ourselves. What the Drama Triangle is and how this comes into play here? Some ways that we appreciate our uniqueness are helpful. Other ways, not so much.

You’re invited to join our conversation about it, increase your awareness, and get intentional about your approach. What if you can both appreciate your special-ness (your unique abilities and what only you can offer the world) AND recognize our shared human experience in an empowering, healing way. We can isolate and go it alone. Or we can choose to be in this together. What approach serves you best to create the life you’re wanting? We want to hear from YOU, individually.

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Lindsay and Danny Poelman are certified life coaches and are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Danny helps guys to stop looking at porn and make their real life and/or marriage what they want it to be. Lindsay helps women let go of the fantasy marriage that doesn’t exist and create the marriage of their dreams in real life.