39. How to Make Sure You're Progressing

Dec 11, 2021

People come to us all the time worried that they aren't progressing: sustainably in the way they want to fast enough, at all, Or everything is just getting worse. If you are here reading this, progress is probably important to you. Even if porn is not your specific issue, these ideas can help you. Wanting instant results with little to know effort is part of what keeps leading you back to porn. Instant dopamine - hardly any effort. Using the same approach that leads you to porn is not going to help you learn the skill of not looking at porn. Here is a 5-step process to ensure that you are progressing.

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Lindsay and Danny Poelman are certified life coaches and are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Danny helps guys to stop looking at porn and make their real life and/or marriage what they want it to be. Lindsay helps women let go of the fantasy marriage that doesn’t exist and create the marriage of their dreams in real life.