9. Am I Crazy?

self doubt Dec 08, 2021

A discussion about ways that a we sometimes doubt ourselves or see ourselves as broken. For the one using porn: “Why does part of me want this and part of me not? Why can’t I stop when I try with willpower? Am I not strong enough? Diseased? Defective?” For the one married to the someone secretly using porn: “Was I wrong about him? About our marriage? About what I thought we had all this time? If I missed this, what else could I be missing?” “Once an addict, always an addict” may not be that useful for everyone to believe about themselves. For many people, we need a better solution than 12 steps. It’s okay to feel crazy. Just because you feel crazy doesn’t mean you are or that a something is wrong with you. Some helpful information/ideas to navigate these challenges.

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