Advanced Relationship Trauma Certification

Advanced Trauma Certification


ARTC Testimonial

Andrea Giles, Infidelity Coach

"I don't know that I've ever been in a group that has felt as loving and safe."

"I've been in lots of different groups, where there's multiple people getting coached. And one of the things that I've learned from you is how to create so much safety in a group.

I've been in groups before that don't feel safe. It's hard to learn. It's hard to really let down your guard and soak in the things that you're learning, and feel it and hear it and, really bring it into your life, into your coaching.

Being in Lindsay's space has shown me what I want for my group . . . and I don't know that I've ever been in a group that has felt as loving and as safe.

You can see the people in there are letting it all hang out and getting to their deepest things and healing.

And there's nothing more powerful. In my opinion, there's nothing more powerful than that. 

You [Lindsay] take your time. It's never rushed. 

You're [Lindsay is] always very, very present with who you're speaking with. 

I've learned how to grow, how to create more safety for my people by watching Lindsay. What that looks like, what it feels like to be in that space of just being the observer and feeling so much love for the people being coached and knowing that I am loved as well in that space."

- Andrea Giles, Infidelity Coach


RTC Testimonial

Lizzie Langston, The Postpartum Coach

“I knew I wanted more tools to help my clients work through their trauma as it comes up in coaching."

I personally think anyone in the health and healing world should be trauma certified! The course brings together the psychological education background and experience I already had and blends it with coaching skills and knowledge that are newer to me. Such a win win for me!

I feel so much safer and more secure in sessions when stuff comes up with my clients. Before, I would sometimes pause and wonder if I dare say anything that might possibly sound clinical when I'm not really trying to be someone's therapist. Now I feel at ease, and I have tools to help others! Being able to first learn and process with myself and my own trauma has been a valuable learning experience for me!

(Should you join the program?) DO IT!!! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Everyone needs this training, not even coaches. Your work with yourself and your clients will go deeper and be more meaningful.

- Angela Watkins


RTC Testimonial

Kristi Falany,
Coach for Midlife Women


RTC Testimonial

Marianne Brereton

One-on-One Client Testimonials


“I am working through betrayal and learning to navigate decisions as I separate from my husband."

This work is affecting everything. I am standing up for myself in a loving way in conversations with my husband and family. It is making me more confident in my work as a coach. It is helping me to heal a wound and step into a new lifestyle in powerful confidence. And I am learning to grieve and be with myself in a powerful way.

- Diana


RTC Testimonial

Lauree Arnold

“Coaching with you was truly a gift.

You came into my life at the precise moment I needed you!"

When I found you, I was struggling with finding connection in my marriage. I definitely felt the need to have my husband change in order to feel connected. Through coaching, I was able to learn that just that thought was making me show up in my marriage in a way that I had not intended. I felt like you were really compassionate and loving. I never felt like you were being judgmental or critical. I always felt like it was a safe space to just pour my heart out. I would end the sessions with optimism that I could look at things in a different way. Not to say that I never actually tried changing things, but the energy that I used to make change was very different.”

- Natanya Brown

"Unleash your deepest gifts and move forward to create the coaching practice of your dreams."