EP 61. Before and After Trauma-Informed Coaching with Hailee Mae

podcast religion trauma Jan 17, 2024


Hailee Mae and I crossed paths at an event where I was teaching about trauma-informed coaching a few years ago. At the time, she was already a certified coach and didn't even know about the importance of using trauma-informed tools for herself, and her business. We get into a lot during this episode, and what you'll see is an overall "before and after" theme with respect to how becoming Trauma-Informed has changed Hailee's life personally, professionally, relationally, etc. 

We also get into some interesting topics like: 

  • The lack of certainty in systems where certainty is promised be it organizational structures, religious structures, the ways some coaches market, etc. 
  • The power of leaning into your intuition, and the cost of not doing so.
  • Where many coaching certifications fall short.
  • The importance of understanding that there isn't ONE way to do something; just YOUR way. 

Connect with Hailee:
Website: https://www.haileemae.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haileemaecoaching/


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