EP 62. Healing from Religious Ruptures (when Perfectionism didn't cut it); with with Beth Schild

healing religion trauma Jan 23, 2024


In this episode, ARTC Alumnus Beth Schild is candid and vulnerable as she share about her decades long healing journey.

She talks about life before becoming a Trauma-Informed Coach and how our community held her as she made some big life decisions. 

We also discuss: 

  • Beth mentions major ruptures from her religious upbringing from “sins” she didn’t know were “sins” until her parents told her about it, how it affected her deeply for over a decade, and spent years and years trying to be perfect to make up for normal developmental behavior. 
  • Healing our inner children.
  • Life before and after becoming a Trauma-Informed Coach.
  • The most powerful thing we have as humans.
  • Connecting and healing live via retreats.

Come on in and be a part of this lovey conversation. 

Connect with Beth:
Website: https://shiftwithbeth.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shiftwithbeth/

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