EP 63. Spending Money and the Sneaky Perfectionism that keeps us Stuck

money podcast shame trauma Jan 27, 2024


I used to think I had to be thinner to go to the gym. That sneaky, perfectionistic belief can pop up in surprising ways with self-investment. I’ve had many clients come to me ashamed that they weren’t making “enough” money as a coach or didn’t have “enough” clients. In today’s episode I talk about this perfectionism and what it can look like, and ask questions to help you consider if money is one of the things holding you back from investing in yourself. We then talk about what beliefs you might need to release to open yourself up to receiving everything you’re deserving of. You don’t have to have everything figured out perfectly before investing, or going to the gym, or starting or doing the new thing you want to do. Tune in to learn more.

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