EP 66. Transforming Trauma: Sandra Jarvis' Journey and the Power of Trauma-Informed Coaching

May 07, 2024


This episode features a conversation between the host and Sandra Jarvis, a trauma recovery coach and a former participant in an advanced relationship trauma certification for coaches. Sandra shares her personal journey, which includes surviving a dysfunctional family, overcoming her husband’s pornography addiction, facing her own battle with cancer, her son's revelation of his sexuality, and a life-altering accident that resulted in a near amputation of her hand. Sandra's story highlights the pivotal moments that led her to seek healing, discover the power of choice, and eventually, to coaching. She discusses the significance of acknowledging and working through trauma, both cognitively and somatically, emphasizing the transformative impact of trauma-informed coaching on her life and her clients'. Sandra also mentions her passion for helping mothers sever the chains of generational trauma.


00:00 Welcome and Introduction
01:29 Discovering the Magic of Disneyland
04:26 Sandra's Journey to Becoming a Trauma Recovery Coach
05:49 The Transformative Power of Retreats
08:23 A Life-Changing Accident and the Path to Healing
15:57 Choosing Peace and the Power of Positive Attitude
30:29 The Impact of Advanced Relationship Trauma Certification
37:27 Launching a Podcast and Embracing Generational Healing


Connect with Sandra:

Sandra's book, Severed: A Memoir of Hope and Healing

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